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context is key

Cultivating sustainable workplace health is a central piece of the workplace puzzle, requiring attention, consideration, and implementation. 

Our current work climate necessitates conscious leadership when it comes to the wellbeing of each employee, the wider team, and the workplace itself.

The worldwide pandemic has catalyzed and exposed gaps in the way we work and what we value as part of a thriving workplace.
Research reports 45% of Australians will experience a mental health issue over their lifetime, whilst 2 in 5 Australians report leaving a job due to a poor workplace mental health environment each year.

As there is no simple answer, we need to look deeper beneath the surface of our workplaces to explore their inner landscape.

Do you have the conditions necessary for wellbeing to emerge within your workplace? 

conditions for wellbeing 



 benefit mindset

strengths-based approach

difficult conversations

dignitarian approach


cultivating a sustainable work environment requires nuance

The tricky part is that wellbeing has no universal definition and is influenced by our personalities, cultures, societal systems, and experiences.

And within the term, 'wellbeing', resides numerous lenses to consider including physical, psychological, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual. 

Whilst this may be starting to sound quite complex, it reinforces the need to look deeper.

We need to explore the conditions required for wellbeing to emerge. We need to value developing rich soil within our workplaces.

We need to make space and time to shift from
doing to being.

We need to value reflection as a pathway for learning. 

reflection cultivates rich soil

Guided reflection builds self-awareness and emotional intelligence

A strengths-based approach fosters individual differences among
team cohesion 

Meaningful discussions develop creative and critical thinking skills 

By deeply understanding ourselves we can
better understand others

reflection develops emotional intelligence and fosters wellbeing

Reflection is how we build introspection and learn and is often undervalued in our fast-paced healthcare world. It has the capacity to become a superpower.


When we reflect with curiosity and appreciation we learn it is safe to step into uncertainty and not knowing. These qualities are essential for the modern-day health professional. 

I work by facilitating self-discovery and experiential learning through guided and meaningful reflective conversations. 

I take a dignitarian approach highlighting the unique strengths of each person, fostering compassion, a deeper understanding, and dignity for all.

I explore through a strength-based approach that highlights the influence of relationships, communication, and meaningful care. 

This strengthens team connection, cohesion, and belonging and develops emotional intelligence and well-being. 

As health professionals, reflective skills are an essential part of relating and communicating effectively to both clients and colleagues.

Reflection, whether done individually or as a team, builds a meaningful vehicle for the development of healthier conditions within our workplace environments.

For sustainable growth, reflection requires time, consistency, and commitment - both in the diary and in its development.

As every workplace is at a different stage in its development, I offer both individual and group sessions based on your team's needs. 


"This year with Kit has been nourishing, to say the least 😍😍

Our little workplace was going through some significant changes and it was a perfect time to move to a leadership style that was coming from a strengths base, one that focused on relatability and communication.

None of us come with a 'how to' manual yet Kit has, in many ways, illuminated our 'how to' Andrea or Berni or Jordy or Jess. 

Kit has been able to show us how to get to know each other and ourselves better - it has been about how we connect for reasons of being human and creating the best possible understanding of ourselves and the people we work with."

Andrea - Warrnambool Podiatry


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