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wise offers space
for anyone who

  • has persistent pain, chronic health issues, fibromyalgia

  • has reached their limit with the traditional care approach

  • needs a healthy at every size approach (HAES)

  • needs a trauma-informed approach - where old pain impacts new pain 

  • has acute pain flareups - to manage and understand why they happen 

  • has physical pain impacted by emotions, stress, and challenging relationships 

  • has emotional pain presenting as physical symptoms  

  • wants to explore, understand, and manage their physical and emotional health 

Book a 30 minute initial exploration to figure out your individual needs


The last decade of research has unearthed a greater understanding of pain that requires us to update our previous beliefs.

For me, this begins with reprioritizing humanity in healthcare at the same time as using the evidence-based knowledge I have gained from my physiotherapy and wellbeing training.

We know that pain is a complex human experience and individual to each person. Pain is always both physical and emotional.

The emotions you feel impact your body. Your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your body impact your pain.  For complete care, we need to explore deeper to gain a better understanding. 

This is where who you are and your experiences are so important. There is no cookie-cutter approach, as we need to explore your body and your mind with curiosity and compassion. 

rethinking physiotherapy

what to expect

what will a session look like?

I listen to
your story and humbly inquire

It 's crucial that I gain a clear understanding of what it is like to be you and how your problem is impacting your life

We map the different parts on the whiteboard

I use the whiteboard to visualise all the moving parts of your story ~ together we put the pieces out in front of us

We consider your
body and how it responds

The body needs to be heard in its own way ~ we notice through mindful curiosity, movement, load and input

We reflect, integrate, and meet your needs

We work together to reflect and integrate your mind and body's narratives to figure out your next steps

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Located at: 7b Campbell St Yarraville, VIC 3013

ph: 03 - 90 - 888 - 029

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