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healthcare with humanity


Hi, my name is Kit from Wise.

I’m a physiotherapist with a masters in wellbeing science currently training in hakomi mindful somatic psychotherapy.


At Wise, my purpose is to dignify the whole human.


My philosophy of healthcare is grounded in presence, connection, and community. 


By welcoming each person's complexity and wholeness, their stories, experiences, and relationships, I help build knowledge, discernment, and agency. 

I offer services in physiotherapy and pain management, emotional health, practitioner support, and workplace health.

I aim to provide a space that demonstrates my commitment to optimizing safety for the people and communities I work alongside. This means working inclusively with neurodivergent people, trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse people, using a HAES, size-inclusive approach.


rethinking care

Taking an embodied and relational approach to care allows us to see the unseen and value its intelligence. 

Has your experience in healthcare valued you, your body,
and your perspective?

The patriarchal healthcare system neglects the patient's perspective, undervaluing their experiences in favour of fixing. 

This traditional approach is shaped by rankism, which is an assertion of superiority. This means care can disempower, minimize, and potentially harm people entering the healthcare system in search of support.

What's more, the way in which we have valued knowledge privileges our brain over the intelligence of the whole body.

It is an approach that encourages people to disconnect from their bodies in order to cope. 


Reconnecting with our bodies through a lens of curiosity and compassion cultivates a deeper connection and builds understanding in a new light. 

I want to support and guide people to reconnect with their bodies by providing care that deeply listens to their needs.


exploring how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, as well as your tissues, impact your pain experience, and how different contexts and relationships, past and present, shape its complexity

emotional and psychological safety 5 - no words 2_edited.jpg

intentional peer support


exploring how you show up as a human with individual gifts and strengths, whilst working within a healthcare system that can be tricky and confusing to navigate

exploring how your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs show up in your body, and how different contexts and relationships, past and present, shape their complexity

Wise - The Journey_edited.jpg

exploring how to cultivate an environment that fosters individual and collective

wellbeing in a sustainable way 

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Wise - Infographic - Practitioner relationship - LR1024_1.jpg

exploring, as practitioners,

how to relate to ourselves in an

embodied and relational way

i have to honour my mind and body
if i want to sustain this journey

- life

 rupi kaur


"As a chronic pain sufferer I was recommended Kit because she had experience with trauma-informed care.
I can't tell you how refreshing it was to have a healthcare provider who understood the different ways pain is connected to not just the body but to the experiences and structures that have moulded the physical and emotional perspectives of that person. Because she listens.
The current health system–despite all its advantages–fails so many demographics. Kit gives me hope for a future where these marginalised groups, whether disabled, mentally ill, suffering chronic pain, or all of the above, can get care that actually serves them & treats them with humanity."

listen to the podcast

Real Clinicians Real Chats (17) 3.PNG

Alex Murray and I are having some real conversations about the trickiness of healthcare. 

Each month we delve into the realities of clinical challenges when faced with the complexity of managing pain and injury. 

Our hope is to cultivate a place for curiosity, conversation, compassion, creativity, collaboration, and classically bad gags.

We would love to foster a community that walks alongside us as we explore the messiness. 


get in touch

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Located at: 7b Campbell St Yarraville, VIC 3013

ph: 03 - 90 - 888 - 029


I acknowledge the people of the Bunurong Nation as the traditional custodians of the land on which Wise is located and where I conduct my business.

I pay respects to ancestors and Elders, past, present, and emerging, and to all First Nations people. 

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