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join us in learning
and developing in a
different way

"the things we are looking for look nothing like the things we think we are looking for. 

the next system walks and talks very differently to the last system.

in the next system, it is all about relationships.

at every moment, in every instance, the relationships matter.

relationships build relationships.

people need people."

                 - Nora Bateson 


Awareness of the practitioner's embodied and relational experience has been given little to no attention within the physiotherapy field.

Its invisibility in our learning and clinical environments is impacting our capacity to be in tune with clients and can impede practitioner nourishment and care. 

Little time is spent on how to be in relationship with another, in an embodied and embedded way. 

Our workshops create a place for this relational exploration to occur, where we slow down, invite the wisdom of our whole body and mind, and notice what emerges. 

Being able to explore and share our experiences with curiosity and kindness, amongst others having similar or different experiences, can be illuminating, resourcing, and deeply connecting. 

Through connecting with ourselves, we build the capacity to connect more deeply with others. 

Skills we explore include:

  • ​contacting inner experience

  • tracking inner experience 

  • exploring felt sense of safety/threat

  • exploring the wisdom of the whole bodymind

  • cultivating presence 

next workshop is: 25th November 2023
time: 9:30am - 4pm
place: wise physiotherapy
           7b campbell street
           yarraville 3013
food: morning tea/snacks provided
price: $250 + gst


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Located at: 7b Campbell St, Yarraville, VIC 3013

ph: 03 - 90 - 888 - 029

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