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At Wise, I facilitate your self-discovery, and support you to confidently understand your relationship with your body-mind to live life on your terms. Our collaborative process builds your discernment and agency, where the resources developed stay with you beyond our sessions.

We begin with an initial session to set the foundation for our time together, as the therapeutic relationship is the most important ingredient to consider. Historically, this has not been prioritised in healthcare relationships, however I see it as an essential meeting place. 

Longer sessions create opportunities for a sustainable learning environment and can suit people who require time to process their experience or perhaps time to transition between the Wise space and the wider world. 

Please email any questions or concerns to: 

this session is designed to figure out your specific needs, how we are going to work together, and whether the way I work aligns with where you are heading

*this is a required and intentional first step

30 minute initial exploration

best suited to people with persisting problems, or those who prefer more time for processing, they allow for a deeper understanding of your experience and gaining clarity on our direction

90 minute session

 best suited to people who have a recent inquiry and for review sessions - we use the hour to map your experience, explore your needs, and create a plan together 

60 minute session

Please note: prices are reviewed annually

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required. Notification can be made via email at

If you cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours notice or don’t attend your appointment without prior notice, a cancellation fee of the full session fee will apply.

These fees are payable before further appointments can be made. Medicare or private health rebates cannot be claimed for cancellations.

The cancellation policy exists to account for the appointment time that has been set aside for you.

Cancellation policy

private health and medicare rebates are available where eligible,
these can be processed for you or given a receipt to process online

  • How does your approch differ to other physios?
    The way I work zooms out to consider all parts of your life and what it is like to be you, because pain is complex and we humans are complex! I delve deeper into your pain experience and explore the way your body is moving and responding, as well as your pain beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. We also know that pain can change in different contexts and around different people so I explore how your relationships and environments shape your pain experience.
  • Do I need to have chronic pain to work with you?
    No, not at all. I work with people who have acute pain, persistent pain, niggly pain, pain that comes and goes, and emotional pain that presents in the body. Basically, I love to work with anyone who is curious and open to exploring in different ways (and anyone who laughs at my cheese jokes is a total shoe-in).
  • Why do you offer longer appointments?
    Having worked as a physio in private practice for 15 years prior to opening Wise, I lived that life of short, sharp, weekly, in-and-out appointments for patients. I don't think this type of care creates an optimal environment for learning and understanding your pain, and tends to reinforce the physio as the 'fixer'. Longer appointments allow us to delve into your pain story and gain a deeper understanding. This means we might meet fortnightly or monthly, allowing time between sessions to explore what you have learned.
  • Can you create a rehab/gym plan for me?
    Yes, I sure can! My room is located in The Project's warehouse which means I can utilise the gym and all the equipment there to create a personalised program for you to utiliise at home or at your own gym. I use the gym as part of my sessions to explore how you move and how you respond to load.
  • Do you use hands on treatment?
    Yes, I use bodywork as part of my approach, in the form of assessing your movement, using touch to impact your body's nervous system, and connecting your body with your breath. I don't use hands on treatment in the form of 're-aligning', 'fixing' or 'releasing'.
  • Do I need a referral?
    No, you do not need a referral to see me.
  • I am experiencing financial hardship / I belong to a marginalised group. How can I work with you?
    I would love to find a way to make it work :) There are so many barriers to accessing care and support for marginalised populations within our current healthcare system. At Wise, I endeavour to make my space welcoming for all people. This means working inclusively with neurodivergent people, trans, non-binary and gender diverse people, and creating opportunities to work with people who have financial barriers. I understand reaching out can feel vulnerable. We can chat via phone or email. I can contact you or you can contact me. Let me know what you feel most comfortable with.
  • Can I use an EPC care plan from my GP?
    Yes, you can use an EPC care plan. They currently cover $55.10 per session and you will need to cover the gap fee. The gap fee is not covered by private health insurance.
  • What is the best Fergus quote during homeschooling in lockdown?
    Ow! (I farted)
  • How many days can you survive without avocado?
    Golly, I have done 21 in the past and that was pretty painful 🙈 Never again! Right now, I would say 2 max.
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