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emotional health

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“The body is not a thing we have, but an experience we are."
- Theresa Silow 

The dominant narrative of healthcare views our bodies as machines and typically doesn't consider our emotional and mental experiences as contributing to our physical experiences. 

However, as we learn more about how the body and mind work together as one, we understand that our bodies reflect our inner emotional-mental life.

How we feel and what we think is reflected in how our bodies react and behave.

It is our vessel that holds important information that can help us learn and discern.

Being curious about our bodies and what they might be physically communicating from an emotional-mental lens, opens up space to explore ourselves and make sense of our experiences.

Finding ways to notice and acknowledge our different experiences, and how they show up in our body, becomes an important pathway to health. 

Developing embodied emotional knowledge is central to cultivating healthy relationships, both with ourselves and those we navigate life alongside. 

​​wise offers space for anyone who

  • has emotional pain presenting as physical symptoms

  • needs a space to explore emotions through a body lens

  • wants to understand how their mental health impacts their physical health

  • wants to develop emotional resources

  • wants to learn how stress, emotions, and challenging relationships influence their body 

  • wants to explore a different relationship with their body

  • wants to connect to their body in a safe space

what to expect

what will a session look like?

I listen to
your story and humbly inquire

It 's crucial that I gain a clear understanding of what it is like to be you and how your problem is impacting your life

We map the different parts on the whiteboard

I use the whiteboard to visualise all the moving parts of your story ~ together we put the pieces out in front of us

We consider your
body and how it responds

The body has its own story that needs to be heard ~ we notice 

through exploring your sensations and emotions

We reflect, integrate, and meet your needs

We work together to reflect and integrate your mind and body's narratives to figure out your next steps

get in touch

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Located at: 7b Campbell St Yarraville, VIC 3013

ph: 03 - 90 - 888 - 029

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